CAA preparing legislative agenda


By The Airport News

The Connecticut Airport Authority is preparing its 2015 legislative agenda to present to the next session of the General Assembly, and the CAA’s executive director gave the CAA board an overview at its September meeting.
The director, Kevin Dillon, said the CAA’s priorities are in seven general areas:

  • Enforcement authority for CAA inspectors. The airport now relies on the state police to enforce regulations.
  • Eliminate the cap on non-budgeted expenditures, which is now $5,000.
  • Personnel issues to increase efficiency, including elimination of some state requirements on filling positions.
  • Oppose an increase in rental car surcharges, which can have a detrimental effect on airport operations.
  • Take over the responsibility for regulating taxi and livery service at the airport, treating taxi service as a concession.
  • Revisions in the state statutes to update references to the Department of Transportation regarding state airports to the Connecticut Airport Authority.
  • An exemption from state retirement plan requirements.
  • The CAA board referred the legislative agenda to its human resources and governance committee for detailed review. Dillon said the proposals have to be submitted to the General Assembly by December.

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